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20th April 2018 

Psychotherapy and Counselling in North London

I work with clients, individuals and couples for short or longer term therapy and also students who are undergoing training in psychotherapy. I am UKCP registered.


We all face diverse challenges at some points in our lives and will benefit from the support and help of others to manage difficult times. These may include questions about our personal lives, our relationships with others, family problems, health or employment issues and experiences from our past which have not been resolved and are affecting our current lives.

These difficulties can lead to us feeling a lack of well-being generally and dissatisfaction with ourselves and our lives. If not dealt with they can result in stress, anxiety and depression, and interfere with us living the lives we want and achieving our goals.

Psychotherapy and counselling sessions offer a safe and non-judgemental place where you can bring your concerns to a trained therapist. You will be able to explore your feelings about these and how difficulties can be made more manageable, resolved or become acceptable to live with.